Convergence- Susan- Schwalb -Caroline- Kryzecki-installation-view
Convergence-Susan -Schwalb-Caroline- Kryzecki-installation-view
Convergence-Susan Schwalb-Caroline Kryzecki-nstallation-view
The Colour and the Shape - Installation shot 08 - Caroline Kryzecki

Kryzecki’s drawings are based on multi-layered conceptual frameworks. Her compositions are not just decorative pattern but question the formal and conceptual qualities of analogue aesthetics. Both artists introduce new and unusual materials that challenge our perception. Despite their systematic and often theoretical origins, the resulting works reveal great sensual qualities in their use of colour and texture, even if each artist’s chosen media and its effect is substantially diverse. Whilst Schwalb works with metal stylus and silverpoint on gesso, executed on pigment prepared paper or, for a more physical appearance, even mounted on wood panels. Kryzecki uses exclusively ballpoint pen in its commercially most available colours black, blue, green and red.



Exhibitions at the gallery:

Convergence, 2019 (Group show with Susan Schwalb)

The Colour and the Shape, 2017 (Group Show)