Vit D3

Minjung Kim’s representative works have been introduced in VitaminD3: Today's Best in Contemporary Drawing, a recent publication of Phaidon Press. The Vitamin series devoted to contemporary artists, including Vitamin D (2005) and Vitamin D2 (2013), have proven an important resource. The third edition of the series, Vitamin D3, explores the possibilities of drawings and showcases more than 100 artists and their works having been nominated by more than 70 international art experts.

Minjung Kim’s minimal, creative and meditative series The RoomMountainPhasing and Insight are featured in the book. Commenting on the patience and control in Kim's work, London-based writer Rosanna Mclaughlin explains, “In her work, space is as much a formal property as it is a means of expressing emotional states of being,” and “to follow the undulations of light and depth is to find oneself immersed in silent contemplation.”