Hängung #23, Zwischenzeit
Kunstwerk - Sammlung Klein
21st March - 19th December 2021


Hanging # 23 at KUNSTWERK presents works from the Klein Collection that have never been presented or have not been presented for a long time. The selection of works is under the sign of the pandemic, which has been shaping our lives for a year, setting existential turning points, and fundamentally changing everyday life. On the other hand, leaving the familiar path also offers an opportunity to rethink what has been done so far and to redraw your own life plan with different eyes. Regardless of all judgmental omens, the prolonged phase of restricted public life is for many associated with the experience of being thrown back on themselves.

With its subjective and associative selection, the exhibition draws an arc between life and art. In the language of the visual, the works offer a resonance space for the facets of our own experience and the perception of our time around us. In their various sequences, they invite visitors to take part in the dialogue.