Installation Van Volxem 333 (Thomas Müller)
Installation Van Volxem 333 (Dan Maciuca/Martin Assig)
Installation Van Volxem 333
'Warmth of the Summer' by Dan Maciuca
Martin Assig -  St. Paul #559
Martin Assig, St. Paul #346, watercolor, wax on paper, 101.8 x 71.6 cm, 2013
'Untitled (PH 589)' by Thomas Müller @PHCA
Thomas Müller - Untitled (PH 590)
Ioana Iacob - Pieces
Ioana Iacob - Friend Lover Sister Mother Wife

We are excited to announce the opening of our new collaborative space Van Volxem 333 in Brussels together with colleagues Eric Mouchet Gallery from Paris and Martin Kudlek Gallery from Cologne.

You are warmly invited to the inauguration on October 7th, 6-9pm.

Address: Avenue Van Volxem 333, 1190 Forest - Brussels
Opening times: Thursday to Saturday, 1-7pm and by appointment