'Untitled (L-20)' by Reinoud Oudshoorn
Reinhoud Oudshoorn - B-20

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Often we observe visitors bend below one of Oudshoorn’s sculptures, the cheek against the wall, trying to figure out the structure behind the surface, which is often refreshingly simple. The surprised examiner then starts to move around and inspect the sculptures from all possible view-points. 
The fascination merges with a kind of astonishment.

The sculptures of Reinoud Oudshoorn (born 1953, The Netherlands) employ a minimal language while venturing into a realm outside the object character of sculpture using traditional craftsmanship. Driven by a desire for harmony and applying classic rules of perspective in every work, Oudshoorn’s sculptures open up spaces way beyond their own boundaries.

Oudshoorn's works unfold their true quality when exploring and stimulating another area that goes far beyond the space they inhabit: our imagination.