Dillwyn Smith- By the Skin of our Teeth - installation shot
Dillwyn Smith - The Perceiver of World Sounds
Dillwyn Smith - Sensitised Ground - installation shot
Dillwyn Smith - Light Cage - installation shot

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Covering more than 10 years in this online exhibition, the oeuvre of Dillwyn Smith (born 1958, British) has undergone admirable developments.

Way in the past Smith had abandoned the figure, then replaced the brush with assembled and stitched dyed fabrics. Smith subsequently charged up his materials with 'energised colour', to ultimately get rid of brush and pigments altogether and let the fabrics speak for themselves.
The stretched canvases with sown fabrics are the essence of this process of reduction. Smith has eventually arrived at his most minimal and most personal, accomplishing his principal mission to explore the essential qualities of colour and light and their mutual interaction.
The almost sculptural appearance of Smith’s works still transmits the feel of paintings executed with large brush strokes. Their compositions come to life when light touches the surface and immerses within their structure, continuously changing according to surroundings, mood and atmosphere.