Varvara Keidan Shavrova TATLIN’S DRONE


The exhibition is a gesture of solidarity with the victims of Putin’s war against Ukraine. We set out to provide a public platform for International but most Russian artists to express their individual and very human response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The exhibition takes its title from a recent press briefing during which Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov claimed that the president enjoyed the support of the “overwhelming majority” of Russians. Works included in the show are examples of art created despite threats of censorship or imprisonment. Collectively they provide an intimate glimpse into life on the wrong side of history, beyond news headlines and political propaganda.
The proceeds from all sales of the artworks will be donated for Ukrainian Humanitarian Help and Ukrainian Cultural Foundations and Varvara was very kind to provide us with her artwork.

Varvara Keidan Shavrova
TATLIN’S DRONE (dream maker) 
Embroidery on wool
50x70 cm

Referred to as ‘Small Gods’ by …, drones are the ultimate symbols of dehumanised flight. Transporting the human vision into the eye of the drone- imagining the bird’s eye view – bringing the birds’ flight back into the domain of humanity.
Drones are a combination of the new and the old: a new aerial surveillance and killing system with capabilities previously not offered by conventional air power, coupled with an older cosmic view of air mastery through technological speed, verticality, and vision. (Wall & Monahan, 2011: 241)
The drone finds its destination as the signature device of the forms of contemporary power, our mobile panopticon.
Paul Virilio, describing the aim of military ‘sight machines’, suggests: ‘In a technicians’ version of an all-seeing Divinity, ever ruling out accident and surprise, the drive is on for a general system of illumination that will allow everything to be seen and known, at every moment and in every place’ (1989: 4).

DATES: April 6-10, 2022, 11am-6pm; Sunday April 10 until 3pm
VENUE: 117 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AD 


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