Lise Duclaux - Foxtail grass with garbage - alien, cosmopolitan, invasive

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is excited to announce an artist talk on the occasion of the current exhibition Our Ancestors Bloom Overground curated by Joana P.R. Neves showcasing works by Lise Duclaux, Maja Escher, Gözde Ilkin, Landra and Barbara Nicholls. The show comprises processual or ongoing works about ecosystems, organic behaviour and invisible matter dynamics. The works presented are often one of the stages of an investigation, an activist tool and even a vehicle for information. Therefore, Joana P. R. Neves will moderate a conversation with the artists, Landra, Barbara Nicholls, Maja Escher, Lise Duclaux and Gözde Ilkin in order to unfold the different contexts of production, and even, hopefully, to learn how to imagine life differently, with a renewed awareness of its invisible networks.

18 September 2023
6 pm 

11 Church Street, NW8 8EE

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