Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Call me Ishmael (SBACMI20240405), Gouache on string and newspaper, 150 x 220 cm, 2024
Call me Ishmael (SBACMI20240208) Gouache on waxed newspaper 72 x 57 cm 2024
Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Call me Ishmael (SBACMI20240114), Gouache on waxed Tervakoski paper, 123 x 112 cm, 2024
11 Church Street

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art | In Coversation with Sophie Bouvier Ausländer. Book Here. 

Saturday the 1st of June. 1:00 - 2:00 PM.

Join Patrick Heide Contemporary Art for a conversation with the artist - Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, about her solo exhibition at the gallery - 'Fishing the World'. Our planet and how humankind shapes and transforms it has been the subject of Sophie Bouvier Ausländer's practice.

For her new exhibition, Fishing the World, as the title indicates, the artist remains true to her artistic research. The exhibition showcases pieces from her latest series entitled 'Call Me Ishmael', taking its name from the opening sentence of Melville’s iconic novel Moby Dick. Imbued by the novel’s symbolism, biblical as well as fictional, the artist’s new body of work is rich in metaphors that softly slip into our imagination like a weaving.