Michael Roberts - Happy Days
Michael Roberts - Communication Breakdown, no 3 Silkscren on Saunders Waterford paper 91.5 x 66 cm, Editionof 5 2014
Michael Roberts - In Any Shape or Form
Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
11 Church Street
London NW8 8EE

New works by Michael Roberts 

Guest project 
c/o Patrick Heide Contemporary Art


Michael Roberts is a painter and printmaker living and working in London. He gained a BA at Nottingham Trent Polytechnic and an MA in Printmaking from the Royal College of Art, London. 

“The genesis for my work both as a painter and a printmaker often starts in a circuitous manner. My primary concerns are with narrative, surface, repetition, layering and colour. Often the beginning of work is gleaned from observed situations, books read, mundane encounters, the jetsam and flotsam of everyday life or chance. Once embedded a process of evaluation begins, weighing up and worrying, formulating a working narrative until the inception." 

Selected C.V. 


1978-1982   B.A Fine Art, Trent Polytechnic, Nottingham 
1982-1985   M.A Printmaking, Royal College of Art 
1985-1986   DAAD Scholarship Hochschule der Kunst, West Berlin 

Selected Shows 

2018 Happy Days Solo show Patrick Heide Contemporary Art, London. 
2017 PULSE art fair Miami USA Patrick Heide Contemporary Art 
2014-15 Detail H-Project Space Bangkok, Transition Gallery London, Usher Gallery, Lincoln. Group show curated by Andrew Bracey. 
2014 Down to Zero Patrick Heide Contemporary Art London. A group show of 10 artists curated by Michael Roberts including Prunella Clough, Bridget Riley, David Connearn, Dieter Roth. 
2013-14 A Machine Aesthetic Group touring show to Transition Gallery, London and university galleries 
at Northumbria, Bournemouth, Lincoln and Norwich. 
2011 Witness: An Odyssey with Otto Freundlich A text & work event, AUC Gallery Bournemouth. A solo show with catalogue. 
2010 Stringing A Line Solo show at Bainbridge Studios London 
2009 Artichoke Stand AAF London 
2008 Sale Patrick Heide Contemporary Art London 
2008 Artichoke Stand AAF London 
2008 The Originals Mall Gallery London 
2007 Cowboy Show Decima Gallery London 
2001 Don't go to work Rhodes + Mann London 
1998 A Sorry Spectaclewith Piers Wardle DFWTDFG Gallery London 
1997 The Cut Gallery London Group Show 
1996 The Cut Gallery London Solo show 

Part Time / Visiting Lecturer / Talks 

Architectural Association London 
The Arts University College at Bournemouth 
Royal College of Art London 
The UniverSity of the Creative Arts at Farnham 
Winchester College of Art 
Canterbury College of Art 
Newport College of Art 
Loughborough College of Art

Fairs & Events


Fairs & Events