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Susan Stockwell’s site-specific installations and sculptures are calm and powerful gestures, deeply researched and often subtly socio-political. Recurring themes evolve around identity, global histories, migration and humanity’s social condition.

The materials in Stockwell’s sculptural installations are often found objects, domestic or manufacturing products. Their inherent and past content, their transformation and appropriation, always reinforce and intelligently reflect Stockwell’s topical approach.

Hundreds of cotton bobbins from a working mill near Manchester relate Fast Fashion to industrial histories and colonial trade; piled into a shopping cart it poignantly comments on the collateral damage of our consumer society.

At a point in history when trade, consumption and pollution have momentarily slowed down due to a pandemic, the message of Fast Fashion, linked to the destructive behaviours we seem to perpetuate, resounds even stronger, silently expressing a desire for change and regeneration.