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Achieving equilibrium has been the all-compassing force in Minjung Kim’s oeuvre, invariably mediating between Eastern tradition and Western modernity, blending the mystical spirituality of Taoism with the conceptual approach of Western art.

Kim’s collages are made of delicately layered sheets of thin, finely textured Korean Mulberry Hanji paper, always burnt at the edges, essentially allowing to draw the lines with fire.

In Timeless horizontal burnt lines accumulate to pause just short of the upper edge. An ink drawing, reminiscent of Kim’s Mountain series, is laid on top of the linear composition, the colour fading while rising, again ceasing below the upper edge. The calm composition leaves us with two voids to consider and two horizons to contemplate.

The oscillation between creation and destruction, the repeated, almost meditative movements unite Kim’s works to convey an almost visible transience of time. Timeless imbues great tranquillity and inner balance - a state of mind and heart much needed and desired in times of uncertainty and change.