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Martin Assig translates his inner most universe of thoughts and feelings into compositions of abstract organic renderings and patterns or images circling around the human body, both often full of colour. Usually Assig combines his drawings with words and sentences that comment, reinforce or expand the meaning of the visual message.

The German artist’s subject matters are at times light-hearted, at times heavily charged. Themes of love and loss, life and death, human pain, existential search and redemption run as common threads through his oeuvre – all states of mind and emotion that are very much felt today.

Drawing after drawing evolves out of a patient working process plunging the viewer into an inner narrative blending psychological insight and wonder, similar to illuminated manuscripts or book illustrations. Assig works with a variety of media that he always combines with a layer of wax, which, like skin, make his images more physical and sensitive.

In his drawings Assig creates intimate worlds touching and revealing the soul of human existence, a place where sensuality and spirituality meet and merge.