Featured artwork of the week | Online Exhibition


The cycle of our weekly featured art works during the confinement will be completed with another Totem sculpture by Italian artist Francesco Pessina.

Pessina's sculptures express something deeply natural and primordial. His Totem series is exemplary for the artist's vision: composed of six sculptural elements representing the five continents and the sea (Australianus, Africanus, Europaeus, Asiaticus, Oceanicus and Americanus).

The superimposable and exchangeable forms of the Totem unite to a "diary" of all human population on earth, not of one single group or clan. The materials and sizes of the forms as well as the traces on its surfaces always differ, one Totem is never like another.
Historically the Totem links to the great variety of cultural identities on earth. Socially it represents a set of norms to follow, metaphysically it symbolises the transcendence between life and death in ancient and modern societies.
In a contemporary reading, Pessina's Totems are metaphors of a global society, whose basic form remains the same, while its structure is flexible and constantly in flux.

Pessina's art conveys a timeless message, which nevertheless addresses essential and pressing questions of our age, especially in unprecedented times as today.
The equilibrium in life as a human endeavour, at times fragile and at times indestructible, is the principal concern for the Italian artist and a quintessential meaning of the Totem. Pessina's quest for balance imbues his sculptural oeuvre with spiritual force and great tranquillity.