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“The main point of interest in Chervin’s drawings lies in their amazing synthesis of traditional drawing technique and a metaphorical quality which is absolutely contemporary. Human experience of self-consciousness as awareness of the human body and mind is visualized purely through her drawing techniques. … Chervin uses it skilfully to reflect a physical type of experience through arising, lasting and disappearing forms.”

(Dr. Marietta Mautner-Markhof – Curator for Contemporary Art, Albertina, Vienna)

“It is (Chervin’s) simplicity of vision that can only happen through an extraordinary complexity of mind, an exuberance of compassion that touches humanity on all levels – both material and spiritual – and finally transcends elements that we understand as the basis of all civilization.”

(Robert C. Morgan – American art critic and poet)


In this VIDEO you can watch an intimate self-portrait filmed in Chervin’s Buenos Aires studio.