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Here and again

20.05.2010 - 26.06.2010

11 Church Street London NW8 8EE

Works by Sarah Bridgland, Katherine Murphy, Susan Stockwell and Kate Terry.

Opening: Wednesday 19th May 2010 6-9pm
Exhibition dates: 20th May to 26th June 2010

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is pleased to present ‘Here and again’, an exhibition that brings together the works of four female British artists: Sarah Bridgland, Katherine Murphy, Susan Stockwell and Kate Terry. ‘Here and again’ showcases installations and works on paper that have a domestic and daily use dimension in their creation and material choice, but use this aspect as a tool for engaging with personal, social, political and art historical issues.

Sarah Bridgland combines cut-outs from old magazines with drawn imagery to create intimately scaled three-dimensional paper sculptures and collages. Formally quite stringent and composed, Bridgland balances the effects of different typefaces and graphics, textures and colours. The RCA graduate creates minute de-constructivist spaces in which snippets of imagery and information invite the viewer to make their own associations.

Slade graduate, Katherine Murphy's drawings and typewriter works circle around the themes of the everyday work experience and their repetitive, dehumanizing tasks and results. Murphy uses repetition, an integral part of the human experience, to challenge the work system under investigation and experiments with its parameters, also by breaking its patterns. In her drawing series ‘10,000 per day’ Murphy, when she moved into her new studio, was setting herself the task of drawing ten thousand squares a day within normal working hours. In her typewriter pieces Murphy documents day to day repeated conversations and actions emphasizing their monotony yet also recording their slight shifts and changes.

Susan Stockwell’s art is mainly concerned with transformation: in her recent ‘money-maps’ and computer component installations Stockwell traces urban developments and socio-geographical structures. The ‘money-maps’, made of banknotes sown together in the shape of countries and continents, are comments on the recent economic crisis, the shifting of the global political and economic power base to the east. ‘Africa’ for example is made from Chinese money, embroidered in the colours of the ANC party, a metaphor for the growing Chinese economic influence on that continent. The use of sowing and embroidery makes the maps look like beautiful homemade objects, unconcerned with broader issues and political critique, yet concurrently “feminizing�? the maps by subverting a male territory.

Susan Stockwell is currently showing at the V&A in the exhibition ‘Quilts 1700 - 2010’ until the 4th of July as well as at the Royal Geographic Society and The Florence Nightingale Museum.

A large scale site-specific installation by Kate Terry made entirely from coloured thread will map out the main gallery space. Rows of coloured threads tied to pins placed on the walls horizontally or vertically, travel across the room in intertwining waves, following as well as softly breaking up the architectural structure. Terry’s thread installations are architectural intervention and spatial drawing at the same time. Despite their delicacy and translucency, the installations develop a low-key yet powerful presence that transforms the space quietly but decisively and spectacularly.

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